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The Authentic Living Blog 

The Authentic Living Blog with Gina Charles, for New World Living. New View. New You. New World.

The Authentic Living Blog is dedicated to you finding your power and learning to LIVE it. Short, sweet and powerful posts that put you in touch with your own power and kick the gate open to living Authentically. It’s time to learn something new. Join us for a new view, a new you, and a new world. 

Free: Digital Pack of 42 Empowering Quote-Pix

Free download - digital pack of 42 empowering quote-pix by Gina Charles for New World Living. Transformation through self empowerment.

This is a FREE digital download:

Each quote-pic is a memorable image with a powerful quote to help point the way to inner realization.
This is a FREE 2.4mb zip file containing 42 JPEG files. Post them, share them, create your own slideshows. Use them for a dose of daily empowerment. Enjoy! 

Free: Shift Happens Tips & Tricks MP3

Tips and Tricks To Kick Yourself Back Into Play!

Download your free mp3. Gina Charles packs a powerful 7 minutes with witty anecdotes, to help support you in remembering what your Soul already knows.  

Listen to a sample as read by the author.


Books to help you live your power. New World Living - Resources

Check out this list of cherry-picked books to help you LIVE your power. These are powerful tools to help keep you moving in the right direction. Baby steps get you free.