The 1 Thing To Do To Transcend Into Peace


New World Living, transformation through self-empowerment.

Some people think that inner peace requires controlling thought.

That is not the case.


The most a thinking mind ever has to "do," is notice. Yep, that's it.


New World Living, transformation through self-empowerment. Notice your thoughts.

When we notice our thoughts, the mind begins to quiet down.

When we become the witness to thought, we are no longer controlled by it.

This is referred to as metacognitive thinking.


This knowledge is the inspiration for our Transcend design.


Transcend into peace with this tranquil image by New World Living.

When we see thought as something separate from Self, we are Awake, plugged in to our higher Intelligence, Source, and the field of infinite possibility.


We transcend into the profound peace that lives under our perpetual, unnoticed, unquestioned thinking.  

May this tranquil image remind you to Awaken as the witness to thought, and to live free.

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