How To Open Your Door To Enlightenment


New World Living, transformation through self-empowerment.The bodhi tree, the tree of enlightenment.

As the story goes, one day while seated under the Bodhi tree Siddhārtha Gautama had a memory. He remembered when he was a young boy playing down by the river. He had a deep compassion for insects and noticed that when the grass was cut, the insects were trampled and killed.

It was in the wordless reflection of this deep compassion that Siddhārtha was overcome by a profound sense of peace and awoke into enlightenment.

New World Living, transformation through self-empowerment. Buddha, meditation and enlightenment.


Noticing thought as something separate from Self opens our door to enlightenment. 

Like The Buddha, we too have the ability to connect with that peace that goes beyond all understanding. 

We have the ability to Awaken.

We have the ability to help ourselves and others, and to make the world a better place. 

Buddha, The New World Living blog, transformation through self-empowerment.

Whenever I see an image of The Buddha it reminds me that the door to my own liberation is inside of me, waiting for the mind to notice it. It reminds me to be the eyewitness to thought, so that I may rise above it, and sit wordlessly in the experience of compassion and peace.    

The beautiful Buddha is my reminder, my sign-post, pointing the way to my own freedom.


May all that have life be delivered from suffering. -The Buddha

May these images of The Buddha remind you to take a few daily moments to turn your Awareness inward, and to silently plug in to your own power. 


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